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Be Found on Google

We help you get your site to the top of Google and increase your site's traffic. It’s not just about generating traffic, it’s about generating the right kind of traffic – traffic which will convert into leads or sales. Your site will only appear when people search for the keywords you select. You have full control over what you advertise, where and when your adverts appear, and most importantly your budget. We can help you get started today and have your adverts showing in no time at all.

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Banner Advertising

Unlike search adverts, display adverts appear on actual websites rather than in search results. Adverts are delivered through various networks, the largest of which is the Google Display Network. You can submit text, image, or video adverts, all of which will appear on websites selected by their contextual relevance and context. There are over 2 million sites in the Google Display Network alone, so when aiming for the biggest net audience, display adverts are your best option.

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Social Network Advertising

Social networks offer enhanced exposure for your ads as well as optimized targeting. Facebook allows advertisers to target a specific group of people based on age, personal interests and more. Facebook can even comb through user profiles to place your ads only on pages that mention a specific keyword. We can help create and manage your Facebook marketing campaign today.

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SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the most immediate channels available; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery, you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly. Your customers and potential customers can respond to your SMS, give you feedback and make orders easily.

Branded Sender ID

We provide branded Sender IDs so your customers can identify you easily. For example, if your business name is Delight Boutique, you can purchase that sender ID and brand messages going out from your account as being from Delight Boutique. However, this does not allow you to receive responses from your customers.


We provide short codes to allow you to send and recevie meesages from your clients. A short code is a five digit number (such as 20683) which can be used to both send and receive messages from users similar to normal numbers. You can use these short codes for communication and surveys or to offer premium services such as ringtones and competitions.

Campaign Manager

Marketing Campaign Manager

We provide an easy to use campaign manager to help you manage and track your online marketing campaign success with real time reports.

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