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    This step is critical in our understanding of your business and your understanding of what to expect from your website. This is key as it guides the project and ensures the objectives are met.

    We work with you to understand your brand. We analyze your market demographic and target audience and ask pertinent questions. What are the goals of your online presence? What kind of action do you want to inspire from your target audience?


    Depending on what your website requires, we determine which resources would need to be deployed. These may include software, photography, fonts, content and any third-party tools.

    Sometimes, clients may prefer specific platforms or particular tools due to unique features, prior experience or existing workflows. At this stage, we take this into consideration and integrate them into the project.


    At this stage, we sum up the information that has been gathered and agreed upon in the previous point. These documents are typically concise and not overly technical, and they serve as a reference throughout the project. 

    This ensures that at both a technical and business level, we have a clear understanding of the project objectives and requirements. This allows us to prepare a contract detailing timelines, payments schedules, copyright ownership and other terms.


    After examining the proposal and making any adjustments where necessary, contracts are signed and a deposit is made.



     Using information gathered from the client in the planning phase, we begin designing the layout using wireframes. This blueprint provides the basic layout and structure of your website. We use this to optimize the user experience on your website and ensures we have captured all desired features.


    We develop interactive prototypes highlighting the visual aspects of the design. You would be able to click through and interact with your website to know what to expect. We use the actual colors, content and animations that will appear in the actual website. We then test the prototype on multiple browsers and devices to ensure consistency.


    We provide an easy remote review process. You're able to chat with us and tell us your thoughts regarding the design. You can attach images, videos and audio easily. This makes it easier for you to communicate with us and for us to understand what you would like.


    After analyzing the prototype and giving feedback on the design and layout, we provide 2 free overhauls of the design. Where 2 cycles are not adequate or do not meet expectations, we then reexamine the requirements analysis and the wireframes in the design process.



    This is where the resource analysis results are incorporated into the development process. We select a programming language, framework and/or content management system. Where required, we create code templates for each page type.  We keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details.


    Here, we incorporate the actual features and elements of the website. While the visual elements were shared in the prototype, the features are implemented at this stage. We also create forms and validate responses at this stage. The requirements analysis are used to ensure success.


    Here, we select the best fonts and typography hierarchy. At this stage, we either create or load existing content to the website. We use the actual content management systems that our clients will use so it's easy to use and works on every device.


    We implement a full website review and walk through every single page created ensuring everything works great visually and functionally. Your intended audience tests across devices and browsers. We also conduct code validation, broken-link checkers, website health checks, spell-checker tests.


We use the best keywords, metadata and canonical URLs to make it easy for search engines like Google to find your great website.


You remove the "under Construction" page and present your awesome website to the world!



your satisfaction

Your dedicated customer success rep will contact you and take your feedback regarding your website.

metrics & analytics

We provide real-time detailed reports detailing traffic to your website and conversion rates to demonstrate your ROI. 


Content Strategy

We create content that invites your audience to act through engagements and purchases. Through consistent engaging and targeted content, we promote your product or service for maximum impact.

Weekly Backups

We ensure you have peace of mind by providing weekly full database backups. Backups are stored on redundant servers and available on-demand. Daily and hourly backup services are also available on request.


While two-factor authentication and anti-XSS vulnerability are standard, we also scan your website daily for malware, DNS changes and block suspicious IPs.

Feature Add-ons

You love your website! But you'd like to add a particular feature or function. We work with you to implement your desired feature and integrate it into your website.

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