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We are a technology company committed to helping businesses and organizations start, grow and innovate. We make technology work for you.

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Let us help you start.

Digital Product Prototype Development.

We make powerful ideas happen. We work with startups and established companies to design and build digital products to bring ideas to life.
Do you have a compelling idea? Let us help you make it happen.

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Ideation process
Business Evolution

Let us help you grow.

Bespoke software development

Technology gives you an unfair advantage. We can help you pull ahead of the crowd of incumbents and emerging players with faster, smarter, more agile tools and solutions. We offer infrastructure, back-end and front-end solutions that make your business better.

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Let us help you evolve.

Innovation as a Service.

We are here to help you innovate faster and cost-effectively.
We align emerging technologies and your business priorities to create compelling products from idea to prototype to testing on real customers while protecting your brand value.

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Scrum Board

Make your business competitive


Our Products

Driven by a desire to solve every-day problems faced by businesses and to create products people love, we create and maintain a robust suite of digital products.

M-Pesa Integration


Accept M-Pesa on your website or app

Customer to Business Payments

Keep track of payments from customers to your Paybill and Buy Goods till. Easy to use and search by account number, transaction code and more!

Business to Individual Payouts

Send money from your paybill or buy goods number ot a personal M-Pesa number. Easy to issue refunds and make payments.

Billing Management System


Simple Billing Management for Small Businesses

Generate Quotations and Invoices

Create professional quotations in moments.Create invoices from quotations in a click. Create one-off or recurring invoices in moments.

Track Payments and Manage Clients

Track invoice status such as unpaid, partially paid and paid. Review client history easily and generate statements

Select a software product and we can customize, install and offer support. Start your project in moments


How We Work

We pride ourselves on professionalism and measurable success.

We use transparent project management tools to measure progress and ensure success.

We offer fixed price, Time & Materials and bespoke arrangements for you based on your requirements.

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Trusted by companies, non-profits and startups

We work with a wide range of companies and organizations.
Some of the projects we have worked on are funded by:

Google Kenya
Ford Foundation
Templeton Foundation
National Cohesion and Integration Commission
Lambent Foundation Lambent Foundation
Africa Land Policy Center

Let's make something amazing together.