Simple Billing Management
for Small Businesses

An invoicing solution that saves you time, earns you money and gives you peace of mind.


Create Quotations

Create professional quotations in moments. Add supporting documents and send via email or download as PDF. 

Create Invoices

Create invoices from quotations in a click. Create one-off or recurring invoices in moments.

Track payments

Track invoice status such as unpaid, partially paid and paid. Know exactly how your business is performing.

Works with products, services or both

Whether you provide products, services or a healthy mix of both, this is perfect for you.

Customizable item lines and columns

Want to change the price of a product or service just for one quotation? No problem. Done.

Your branding, your data, your solution

Your business, your clients, your data. You control and own all your data.

Perfect for your business

The invoicing solution that just works. It's simple to create detailed quotations, convert them to professional invoices and keep track of payments.


Professional Invoices with Beautiful Design

A professional invoice says a lot about your business. With a simple, modern layout that matches your brand, a professional invoice is just a click away.

The Complete Invoicing Solution

One-off invoices

Create professional invoices easily with your branding, your products and your colors. Create, save and send invoices in minutes.

Recurring Invoices

Automatically send invoices to your clients weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. It's automatic to give you peace of mind.

Quotations to Invoices

Quickly send quotations and turn them into invoices upon approval.
One click turns a quotation to an invoice and is sent to the client.


Duplicate Invoices

Duplicate &adjust invoices to save time when billing. Send the same invoice to different customers; remember you can edit before you send.

Edit before you send

Adjust invoices before sending to increase your revenue. You can adjust individual line items just for a particular invoice or quotation.

Preview before Sending

What you see on the invoice or quotation is exactly what your client will see so you don't have to worry about any surprises.

Accept Deposits

Accept deposits from your clients and record the partial payment. Automatically keep track of deposits and partial payments for efficiency.

Automatic tax calculation

Automatic sales tax calculations for taxes such as VAT helps you keep track of statutory payments easily on every invoice sent.

Track invoice status

You can view the status of an invoice and follow up on overdue or unpaid invoices with ease. Increase your revenue with just a glance.

Fits with your Process

The billing system works with your existing business processes. Out of the box, this billing system works as per industry standards. 

Create clients, products and services

Set up your organization's information. Create customers and their contact information. Enter your products and services and pricing. 

Create quotations and attach supporting documents

Create estimate within a minute. Sent to your customers, they can accept online without login.  Auto convert the estimate to invoice after customer acceptance.

Create invoices & schedule recurring invoices

Build professional invoices in moments. Attach files and send directly to your clients including the invoice PDF. Create recurring invoices which will be regenerated and sent automatically

Track invoice status

See which invoices are unpaid, partially paid and fully paid. Automatically send payment reminders to your clients.

Record payments easily

Accept payments via M-Pesa and automatically mark invoices as paid.
Supports cheque, EFT and cash payment modes .Attach proof of payment to invoices for easy reconciliation.

Send receipts to clients. Generate customer statements

Automatically send payment receipts to clients. Generate customer statements with detailed history of transactions and communication.

Focus on your business, not your billing


Manage Quotations with Ease

Create and send quotations easily with branded templates. Works with Time and Materials and fixed-rate estimates. Track your quotations along the pipeline and convert them to invoices in a click.


Create Estimates with Ease

Professional design template with rich detail

Putting together a quotation in minutes. Select your customer, assign a sales agent and fill in the dates. Procedurally generated estimate numbers and a status tracker automatically keep track of your estimates.

Add line items in a click

You can bill in time, materials or both. Adding line items takes moments as you simply enter the item name and it's added to the estimate. You can edit item prices, hourly rates,  and the descriptions on the fly to create unique estimates for each of your clients.

View Sample


Convert to Invoice in a second

Once your quote is accepted, you can convert it an invoice in a click. You can choose to send it or save it as a draft and edit it.
Once converted, an invoices is connected to an estimate so reviewing is simple and straightforward.

Create tasks from the estimate

Creating and assigning tasks from an estimate means enhanced clarity for your project and a satisfied customer. You can create and assign tasks, make them billable or not, set timelines and assign them to particular person.


Include Proposals within the Quotation

Without leaving the quotation, you can clearly outline a project’s scope, timeline and deliverables. Clients can’t help but be impressed and you’ll save time switching between other apps or emails.

Proposals can be created within the quotation builder or created externally and attached to the quotation.

View Sample

Track quotation status

Find out if a quotation is still being drafted by a sales agent, if it was sent, if it is in review and whether it was accepted all at a glance. You can track the status of quotations with a beautifully designed and simple dashboard.

Make your quotations stand out


Manage Your Clients

Keeping track of clients is essential to your business. Having a centralized client directory offers security to your business, makes client interactions smoother and gives you insight into your business performance. 


Your client directory

Contact information

Have a reliable, secure, updated client directory. Review clients company  contact information, client group and your key contact people within the client company.

Secure access

Set permissions so that only specific users can add, edit or delete client data. Protect your business with a secure client list.

Export your directory

In a click, you can export your customer list as excel spreadsheet, a PDF and print. 


Detailed client history

Review the entire client history easily. You can view project history, tasks performed for the client, payment history and more. This gives you insight into your clients.

All client history data can be downloaded as PDF.


On-Demand Customer Statements

Transaction History

View detailed transaction history of payments made and payments due over any time period. 

Export and Send as PDF

You can download this data as a branded pdf easily. View Sample

Client Directory

Keep track of clients with a detailed client directory including contact information, private notes and key contact persons.

Group your clients

Group your clients to help you discern and offer personalized estimates and improve your relationship.

Offer Credit Notes & Discounts

Easily add a discount or credit note to your customers  ensuring you have the flexibility that you need with your billing

Attach Supporting Documents to Quotations

Attach proposals, project outlines, company profiles and much more to your quotations.

Review & Accept Quotations Online

Not only can your client approve a quotation with one click, but you can view and respond to any feedback instantly.

Exportable Customer Statements

Send your customers their statements in a click. Access detailed quotation history and invoice history as PDF.

Focus On The Work You Love, Not Your Billing


Simple Expense Tracking

Tracking your expenses is essential to ensuring project profitability.  You can record expenses, attach receipts, convert expenses to invoices and track your spending.

Record and Track your Expenses

Record your expenses over time or over a project.
View which expenses have been invoiced to the client.
Keep track of one-off and recurring expenses at a glance.
Export your data to your accounting system easily.


Record Expenses

Attach Receipts

Attach proof of payment to expenses. Perfect for inward reimbursement as it ensures transparency and easy reconciliation.

Assign Expenses to Projects

Assign an expense to a particular project to ensure you are within budget. Expenses can be added to invoices.

Add Expenses to Invoices

Add expenses as invoice line items, marked as expenses.
Expenses can be edited to allow you to surcharge your clients.

Easy reconciliation

Reconciliation during projects is straightforward as you can track expenses and view receipts.

Reduce loss

Never forget to bill for another expense again. Adding an expense to an invoice helps reduce losses.

Ensure profitability

Mark up expense details to surcharge your clients and get a higher margin on your project.

Stop Losing Money.
Track your Expenses.



Our pricing is simple, predictable and covers your entire organization.

Cloud Hosting

Access your dashboard from anywhere with cloud deployment on your own dedicated virtual private server.

Business Process Matching

We will customize this solution to match your particular business processes and rules.

Brand Fidelity

Your brand colors and message tone will be infused in this solution to give your clients confidence and raise your brand value.

Training & Support

This solution is so intuitive to use that we're offering free training. We promise you won't need it but if you do, no problem                             

Unlimited users/Company


The regular license allows you to use this solution for unlimited users in one organization.This is a one-off payment.

FREE 30-Day Trial

30 Day Trial


We offer the billing system on a 30-day trial basis for free. Simply schedule a demo and get started.

Annual Licence


This caters for cloud hosting on a dedicated server and on-demand support and training for any number of your staff.

Data Entry


We will enter all existing data from your records to this solution for a seamless transition.


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