We work with you and for you

We understand the importance of having reliable technology partner and the complexity of navigating between the flexibility of the market and having a predictable budget.

This is why we offer a number of engagement models to suit your project.

Fixed Project

You know exactly what your project is.  We charge a fixed fee and give a fixed timeline. 
We deliver your project and get paid.

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This pay-as-you-go model lets us deliver on a project with evolving needs. Pricing is based on materials used and time spent on the project.

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Not Sure?

Not sure which arrangement works for you and for your project? Check out this summary.

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Fixed Project Engagement

You provide a project scope and a timeline, we provide a fee and a schedule.
We agree on milestones and start working.

Perfect for planners

You know exactly what you what. You know which parts go where and just need someone to build it. You need someone who understands precisely what you want built and is committed to delivering it within your deadline.
Product takes precedence over customers for you.

Excellent for set-and-forget projects in low competition market and a client with clearly defined requirements.

Clear Requirements

The scope is explicitly clear and everyone knows exactly what the desired outcome is.

Fixed Timeline

The specified timeline for deliverables and milestones enables for planning

Fixed price

The price is determined from the onset and enables for financial planning.


With a fixed fee and delivery timeline, you know precisely how much the project will cost and when to expect delivery.


The project deliverables are clearly defined meaning lower risk for you and a higher responsibility to us to get it right.

Milestone-Based payments

Payments are based on accepted milestones so they are split into portions which eases pressure on your liquid budget.

Low flexibility

There is little room to change the project midway. Customer feedback and market changes are significant risks affecting product suitability.

Longer Contracting

Due to the need for clear-cut guidelines, the discovery stage of the contracting process is significantly longer and this impacts project timeline and budget.

Higher price

Due to the lengthy discovery process and initial time and labour, this model requires a greater margin and therefore often a higher price.

Requirements Analysis

Let us deliver on your project
on-budget and in-time



You tell us about your project scope and work starts immediately. We deliver an MVD product and based on your feedback, we enhance it.
We keep working on it till you're satisfied.

Fantastic for the Flexible

You have a goal in mind but aren't sure how to get there. You want to test your product in the market without losing time and money.
You want to get to market fast and incorporate customer feedback in developing the product.

Excellent for Minimum Viable and Delightful products in a highly competitive market and a client with varying requirements.

Short Route-to-Market

The product is created with the intention of achieving the goal in the shortest time possible.

Iterative Development

Once in market, user feedback determines the trajectory of development. 

Better Product-Market Fit

Due to early and frequent user feedback, the product is validated and refined to fit user needs.

Flexible Scope

Incorporating user feedback is done easily and at various stages of development allowing better feature prioritization.

Short route to market

Work starts immediately and a minimum viable product is created and sent to market for validation and user feedback. 

Better Market Fit

Iterating a validated product is simple due to concrete feedback and results in a higher quality product that meets your user needs. 

Fore-casted budget

Due to the unclear scope of work and unclear timeline, this model does not have a predictable pricing at the beginning of the project.

Fore-casted timeline

As the scope is defined and priorities re-defined, the time to delivery provided in stages of iteration and not at the beginning.

Deep Involvement

To define the scope and organize priority of development, your involvement is required frequently and intensively. 

Let us build your bold new product


Quick Comparison

Here is a quick comparison between the engagement models we offer.


As much detail is shared by the client at the beginning of the project for a fixed fee and fixed timeline with payment made on achievement of milestones until final delivery.

This is great for highly specialized projects. The requirement is on you, the client, to provide a sufficiently detailed scope.

This model is weighted in the initial requirements analysis and design phases and users do not come into contact with the product until it is nearing completion.

High Requirements Detail

The client provides significantly high level of detail about the product.

Pre-Fixed Price & Schedule

We provide a fixed price and fixed delivery schedule prior to commencing the work.

Low Flexibility

The project requirements, price and timeline do not change once the project has begun.

Higher Price

The model is weighted on the requirements analysis and design, due to this the price is often higher.


The client shares a general objective, we define the scope together, agree on a rate and incrementally build and improve the product.

This works where the product is intended for public use and user validation and feedback is important for its success.

The product undergoes significant changes based on feedback. As such timelines and budget are fluid and determined on each iteration.

This model reduces risk as the product is validated by the user early on.

Significant Flexibility

Client provides a general goal and business objectives.

Collaborative Scope & Deliverables

We work together and define the project scope and the highest priority of deliverables.

Fore-casted Budget & Timeline

Price and timeline are determined based on each iteration.

High Client Involvement

Client involvement is high and intense for progress control.

Better Product-Market Fit

The final product has been validated and user feedback incorporated.

Not sure which model works for you?

Talk to us about your project. We'll give you a detailed proposal with the best engagement model for your project's.