Beautiful & Functional
Interface Design. 

We craft value-rich points of contact between your audience and your brand that combine aesthetics and usability to ensure a delightful and memorable experience.


What is Interface Design?

Interface design is the alignment of visual elements to effectively satisfy a user need.
Aspects of interface design include layout, color, typography, vocabulary and intention. These factors come together to help the user achieve their desire smoothly and confidently.

Quality interface design is important because it improves the quality of communication with your audience. It helps a visitor to your website become a customer because it helps them succeed. This converts a visitor to a loyal customer and brand ambassador.
The connection between good design and your bottom line is direct and the returns exponential.


Tailoring elements to achieve a user need efficiently and pleasurably.


Enhanced effectiveness
Improves efficiency
Boosts user satisfaction


Higher success rate
Increased user delight
Higher retention and return rate

We use a data-driven methodology to design.


Why is it important?

Your users have a particular need to meet, such as commerce, communication or education. Interface design can make the experience delightful or frustrating.

It ensures that the intended objective is met.

Guarantees that minimal time and effort used to satisfy the need

Meets the user's need completely and pleasurably.

Our Approach

Design is not accidental, it is purposeful. First, we start by understanding the challenge and the desired outcome. Then we chart the various options and identify the most efficient path. We focus on ease of use, satisfaction and delight. We deliver this design to you for you to deploy to your users. Finally, we measure user success and satisfaction, iterate and optimize.


Problem Definition

We understand who your users are, what their needs are and the challenges their facing meeting those needs. 


Customer Journey

We watch your customers meet their needs and map out their current journey from beginning to the desired outcome.


Solution Ideation

We think of possible solutions to meeting this need efficiently and effectively with your customers' context in mind.


Mapping & Iteration

We map out potential successful paths and sketch them out from start to finish, iterating along the way.



We create a interface based on this journey and deliver it to you in your preferred format.


Measuring & Optimization

We measure user success and satisfaction and continuously improve their experience.


During this process, we learn a lot about your users and generate assets that are valuable to you including information, brand assets and usage data.


User Problem Statement

User Journey Maps

Visual Design Assets


System User
Data Reports

Contracting Process

Our contracting process is as collaborative and transparent as our project implementation. We provide a questionnaire to help us understand you and your needs, we then have a consultation and deliver a project proposal.


We need to understand your context, your needs and aspirations.  The main objective is to fully understand your problems, this way, we can recommend the best course of action to take. 


We have an informed discussion about your problem and a plan of action. This helps us understand the required personnel, materials and time to meet your needs.


We put together a proposal that outlines your needs, a plan of action, timeline, deliverables and budget. This is iterated based on consultations until mutually agreeable.


We formalize the agreement into a contract and commence the project.

Let's Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Discovery as a stand-alone service?

Yes. We would be able to conduct a series of in-depth discovery sessions with you to definitively outline your needs and propose a plan of action.
You can make a better decision on how and when to execute the project.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No. The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes. We have special discounts for non-profit organizations under our Geeks-for-Good Program.