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We help people plan, design and build products and services for a digital-first world.
Our Product Innovation Studio will accelerate you from idea to a realised, commercially validated, new product proposition in just 21 days.

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What inspires you?

Solving a Problem

Solving problems means truly understanding them. We apply systems thinking and service design to make sure your product will both beat your business goals and delight users.

Exploring new Opportunity

Making something original means pushing boundaries. We combine the best of business, design, development and engineering all working collectively with you.

Creating an Experience

Bringing together data from focus groups, user research, and both quantitative and qualitative analysis enables us to reveal real opportunities and answer the unmet needs of the customer.

Problem to Prototype in 21 days

Our product innovation process is a transparent and collaborative process that places the customer at the heart of the  journey throughout the whole project.

Problem Definition

We focus on solving the right problems, the right way.
We work with you to identify the challenge and create an actionable statement that captures the user, their need and a compelling insight.

Concept Ideation

Innovative thinking is deliberate and human-centric.
We use "How Might We" styled questions combined with the user-centric problem statement to imagine a broad range of possibilities to solve the problem. 

Critical Path Prototypes

What is the most efficient way to use these concepts to solve this problem?
Using pen and paper, we map out the user journey from start to finish, we observe, record, judge, and measure user performance and behaviour.

Interactive Prototype

Prototypes, not presentations, are our preferred way of demonstration.
We develop high fidelity interactive prototypes enabling you and your users to touch, use and love the product. This allows for faster feedback sooner and a better product.

Iterative Testing

Testing is continuous and thorough with tangible results.
We test various prototypes and using a feedback capture grid, we quantify user feedback revealing insights which we use to rework the prototypes to create a product that is functions and delights.

Ship & Strategy

Deploy the product and adapt it to meet changing needs. 
We establish the right metrics to measure business value and impact. Through continuous performance tracking and improvement we improve your product and internal team.

Let Us Work Together

We work with you through a number of engagement models depending on the nature of the project.

Continuous Engagement

We plug into your existing team and offer full scope of services in a continuous design and delivery engagement for a variable fee.

Fixed Project Development

A fixed time and cost engagement where we research, prototype, validate and design a new product, getting it ready for development.

Ten-Day Sprints

A one-week workshop to uncover the most important problem or opportunity, design variations, and refine a testable or buildable solution.

Trusted by bold brands

We have worked on projects funded by ambitious brands

Google Kenya
Ford Foundation
Templeton Foundation
National Cohesion and Integration Commission
Lambent Foundation Lambent Foundation
Africa Land Policy Center

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