Project Security

We want you to be successful. We strive to deliver quality work, on time.That being said, sometimes things don't go according to plan. We have a fast and fair system to resolve issues in case things go wrong. 


What we cover

Quality work, client satisfaction and punctuality are important to us.


If the work delivered does not meet the agreed upon requirements, we will refund up to 75% of the project fees paid.


If the work is not delivered in full and on time as per the agreed delivery schedule, we will refund up to 50% of the project fees paid.

What we do not cover

Projects are broken into milestones with clear deliverables. These are verified as delivered and done by both us and the client. Therefore we do not cover:

Milestones marked complete

Project milestones already marked as complete by both a project owner and a member

Work outside scope

Work that has been completed outside the project agreement.

Unfunded work

Work that has not been paid for via direct bank deposit or mobile money payment

Work without contract

Work requested without a valid agreement between ourselves and the client

Unofficial communication

Work assigned by unrecognized parties or non-written communication.


Once a complaint is filed, we review the project files, source code, test builds, communication logs, timesheets and anything else that is deemed important. 

Within the next 14 business days, we will compile the documentation and compose a full unbiased review, taking into consideration delays, quality of work, language and tone. 

The review will have final allocation of compensation and is final and non-reversible. Where the client feels further aggrieved, the matter is resolved as per the specific project contract.