Enhance the impact of your public benefit organization with a technology partner


A conscious technology agency

Charities, NGOs and social impact organizations need technical expertise.
We have the will and skill to help them amplify their mission and impact.


Technology can be a catalyst for change. We work with organizations to compound the impact of their valuable work.


We use design-thinking to find inventive solutions to social challenges and help social impact organizations to innovate. 


We work with organizations to use technology to improve access to public amenities to under-served communities.

Our Approach to Social Innovation

Digital Citizenship

We not only provide digital literacy skills but help people use these skills to solve social problems.

Stakeholder Engagement

We use insights gleaned from community members to develop practical sustainable human-centered solutions.


We believe the equitable representation of marginalized persons is essential to developing impactful holistic solutions. 

Democratizing Knowledge

We enable the easy access to, and free exchange of, knowledge and information free of censorship for public benefit.

Citizen Driven Policies

We believe citizens should influence public policies that affect them and hold public officials accountable.

Youth Empowerment

We believe in the strategic and deliberate economic, social and political empowerment of young people.

Technology for Social Innovation

We have a responsibility to use technology to improve lives. We use our expertise in design-thinking, software development and product management for social good.

Software Development

We use technology to scale social impact organizations. We develop software to help social impact organizations accomplish their missions ranging from education, to health-care, to human rights. 

We partner with organizations to develop solutions for use in their programs. Though we are a for-profit, we offer our software development services at subsidized cost as part of out corporate social responsibility.

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Design Thinking for
Social Innovation

Design thinking is a human-centric approach to systems and solution development. We use design thinking to help social impact organizations implement projects based on systemic solutions grounded in the beneficiaries' needs.

Our experience in creating human-centric systems, we are able to examine cultural contexts are provide best-fit solutions to enhance effectiveness.

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Technology Utilization

We understand technology. We help social impact organizations use technology to accomplish their missions.


We help organizations maximize use of available technology. We do this through guided training sessions both for the organization and for project beneficiaries. 


Ongoing system maintenance is often forsaken but is important to ensuring your organization's systems are resilient. We offer systems maintenance and support to give you peace of mind.


We offer guided training in partnership with organizations to help ambitious and curious minds learn how to use technology to better their lives. We offer training in computer literacy, programming and design.

We have worked on projects funded by

We have a proud history of partnerships with social impact organizations. While they conceptualize and implement projects, we come in to offer technical support.

Technology to make the world a better place

We help social impact organizations and actors use technology skillfully to meet community needs.
Talk to us about your project.

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Send us a message about your organization or your project and how you'd like us to help; we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

We are open from 9am — 5pm week days.