On-Demand Tech Support

Sometimes, you need a little help. Whether your website is slow or you need some help setting up a software or even if the nini has just stopped nini-ing, we can help.

Tech Support

On-Demand Affordable Experienced Assistance

We offer an unmatched level of technical support, with an experienced team ready to help you online, on the phone, in your home, or in your office.

Website Crashed?

We help you bring your website back to life. We work with your hosting provider to recover your website and your data.

Slow Website?

We find out why your website is slow and how to speed it up. We make sure your website is fast and accessible.

Website Hacked?

We work with your hosting provider to recover your website and your data. We then implement security safeguards to keep your site and your visitors safe.

Data Backup

We backup your data to an external drive or to the cloud and transfer or restore it for you.

Virus Removal

We perform a full-system sweep for all viruses, spyware, and malware, remove the offending programs and restore your machine.

Email Account Assistance

We help you setup your emails, backup, transfer and restore your emails and contacts andany other email-related assistance you require.

New Computer Setup

From parental controls to software installation, let us help you setup your new computer.

Computer Training

Stuck? Frsutrated? Let us help you with personalized one-on-one training. From basic training to advanced assistance, talk to us. We can help.


What's the best laptop to buy? Which antivirus works? Don't make a costly mistake. Let us advise you.

Satisfaction Guarantee.

We're committed to your complete satisfaction with our service. If you're not 100% happy, we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Best customer service ever! He was very knowledgeable, very patient if you're not the most tech savvy. Highly recommended!